Pupils exchange and starting the cosmic ray muon detector

During the last week a group of pupils from Istanbul in Turkey have been visiting the Physik-Profil of the Klosterschule and started the muon detector for the Kulturnacht.

If you like to find out more on the muon detector, you could visit:

The cosmic ray muon detector e-lab site.

Today we have been visiting the Town Hall of Hamburg and finally we made some photos of the whole group.


First time starting power supply unit

Here are the images of the first time we have been powering up the RapberryPis. Here you can see the three of the four racks of Pis:


The PSU has been connected with the power distribution boards and the first USB power cable:


And finally the first connected and booting Raspberry Pi:


This part of the project has been made possible by:

  • Power distribution: Livia, Liv, and Thekla
  • Pi racks: Jorim, Hinrich, Jakob, and Quinten

First 4 RaspberryPis booted

The power supply group Livia, Liv, and Thekla got the connection and control circuits for the RaspberryPis power supply finished. The four required boards (16 connectors) have been soldered and connected to the first four RaspberryPis which had already a SDCard with Raspbian available.

Jorim has build up the vertical stacks of the RaspberryPis with spacers and prepared the SDCards.

Images will follow by next Thursday.