Visiting the DIY Phone Fabrica in Altona

We got the chance to visit the Projekt Fabrica of Fabulous St. Pauli beginning of this school year.

Nils Boeing gave us an impressive introduction into all aspects of DIY. He started with information on the history of DIY and FabLabs which have been spin-offs of MIT. There are more than 360 FabLabs worldwide now and the number is steadily increasing.

The DIY FabLabs are designed to make it easier and cheaper for anybody to turn ideas into a product for their own use. The FabLabs are providing tools like computer-controlled lasers and 3D printers no one could buy himself normally.

The opportunity to use fair produced components and materials is another opportunity to support a sustainable way of life.

A very interesting aspect is that the project was funded by the Kulturhehörde of Hamburg and not the economic oriented departments of the local government.

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